I’ve just returned from a trip down the rabbit hole, where Alice at Wonderland reports how WordPress shamed her for liking her own blog post. Well, obviously I had to try it for myself and was duly rewarded with this little ego buster.

Of course I did, it’s awesome!!

There’s probably some Sheldonesque type geek over at WordPress HQ laughing his oversized glasses off at his little joke <bazinga>.

Before I started this blog I thought “meh, maintaining a blog is easy peasy … after all if it would be hard there wouldn’t be so many out there…” I was wrong. I now have a new-found respect for my fellow bloggers out there in the big bad blogosphere.

I love my blog; it’s my baby* (pun intended). I nurture it, I feed it, I make sure it has plenty of air time and worry about its social status. We need to keep our respective www’s regularly updated with new, exciting and original material to ensure that our lovely readers want to come and play again and again. The last thing we want is to be relegated to the Land of No Imagination …

… or even worse banished to the Black Hole of Abandoned Blogs.

We spend many a dedicated hour researching on Google, youtube and funny websites to bring you suitable pictures, GIFs and videos. And we do it because we love our blogs and we love our awesome readers. And also because we’re a little bit nuts … goes with the territory.

If your blog has a generic title such as “Words… I Know Some,” or “Musings from my Inner Goddess,” this basically means that you can spew and rant about anything and everything to keep your readers on their toes. But, if like me, your blog is centred on a specific theme, being creative gets a whole lot trickier. After all there are only so many ways I can regale you with my “legs in stirrups”* adventures before there’ll be a mass change of channel.

So, I’ve come up with a solution: It’s called the Topical Mention Award and I am dedicating its invention to The Archers.

Over here in Good Ol’ Great Britain there is a radio soap called The Archers. It started off, way back when, as a farming information programme and slowly morphed into a soap. My mum was, and still is, an avid listener and every weekday evening between 7:05 and 7:20 at dinner we all had to keep schtum. To this day just hearing the theme tune takes me back to severe childhood trauma.

Sound of Trauma

I eventually figured out that the “why do you make us sit at the table if we just have to be quiet and why did you make rice, you know I hate rice, I’m not gonna eat it you can’t make me. I hate this family I’m going to my room” <stomp stomp slam> tirade got me out of … well… pretty much anything. I haven’t heard the programme since I first slammed my bedroom door and as far as I know it’s still going strong, only now it’s less about haying and more about hoeing and mentions of artificial insemination* do not necessarily involve cows.

However, to maintain its original integrity there is some sort of reference to farming in every episode. Even if it is the simple mention of the word “farm” or having a character say “have you seen the new young filly” (again, not necessarily referring to a baby horse).

I have decided to employ the same tactic here on this blog. I will keep you updated on bird hunting developments as per the title, but these will be interspersed with other random ramblings which occasionally pop into the whirring quagmire that is my head. And, like the Archers, I will keep the blog’s integrity by making a reference, however tenuous or obscure, pertaining to family and its potential extension. Each time I do so I will award myself with the Topical Mention Award.

So yes WordPress, you may point your mocking accusatory fingers at us, but maintaining a blog ain’t as easy as it looks and we blogogeeks like to get recognition where we can get it. I, for one, am going to make it my mission to “like” every single one of my own posts.

Take that WordPress!!

*TMA count = 3

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  1. I like this idea. I like it a lot. Sometimes I need topical mention awards within a single post because I don’t actually stay on topic for that post. Also, bonus points for Sheldon’s Bazzinga! I mean, WordPress really is so comical, ya know. Hahaha, do you get it? Well, do you???

    As far as talking about fertility matters, if we have to hear all these stories of men in stirrups, then there ought to be more stories about women in stirrups.

  2. […] I’ve just started round 3 of Operation Storkhunting and not wishing to gain an E L Jamesesque reputation for the repetitious, I will report on new stuff as and when and keep my nest feathered with other posts interspersed with family and baby stuff to be able to earn some Topical Mention Awards. […]

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